The firm ANO is a greek company based in Athens
which makes handmade jewelry since 2000.

It was founded by Nick Ekonomidis,
a craftsman with a successful career and an experience of 30 years
in this field, who designs and makes jewelry of high aesthetic
with incomparable love and good taste.

As a customer-focused company our first concern is to make jewelry of high quality and durability.
This is achieved by the selection of excellent quality materials and stones combined
with the experience of our staff and the advanced methods of the
production procedure, giving a unique result.

There is no doubt that our love and taste for the beautiful and unique jewelry
make creations which stand the test of time, they are the unique trait
of our identity and guarantee a continuing success of our
company in the Greek and international market.

For ANO the handmade jewelry is not only an accessory but
also the mirror of the personality of the person who wears it
and the most important way of expression of human uniqueness.