• What is plating ?

Our jewelry is plated. The plating is the procedure of putting a thin layer of metal
[especially in the processing of jewelry we use precious metals]on a metal object.
This procedure is made by electrolysis and the final outcome affects only the colour of the object and not its texture.
Also, the use of this specific plating [such as rhodium plating, gold plating, palladium plating]
helps to protect the silver jewelry from oxidations.
The colours of plating used to our jewelry are:
the yellow and pink gold plating[18K], the silver-grey which is the rhodium plating
and the black which is the black rhodium plating.

• Does the colour of the plating stand the test of time ?

Our jewelry is made of silver and gold.
When the base is silver the plating is necessary.
Our jewelry is made of precious metals and it has been through post-processing
which gives it great durability to erosion.
The way of use and care of the jewelry it is also very important.

• Does your company make jewelry upon customer request ?

For technical reasons and for ensuring the quality we don’t remake our initial jewelry.
We can, however make pieces of jewelry upon order based on our initial designs
which are delivered to our customers as soon as possible.

• Can I send to your company a jewelry that needs repair ?

We can take on the maintenance or the repair of our jewelry at low cost or free of charge.
Our customers are responsible only for the delivery charges.